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A Practical Guide to Learning at Home
 Age 11-18
Gareth Lewis

A Practical Guide to Learning at Home,
 Age 0 -11
Gareth Lewis

340 pages
358 Illustrations
Stitched Binding, Laminated Cover
170 x 235 mm (6? x 9?)
322 pages
344 illustrations
Stitched Binding, Laminated Cover
170 x 235 mm (6? x 9?)
A comprehensive guide to home-based secondary education. This book will challenge everyone to reassess their ideas about the role and purpose of education. 
  • Literature: Guide to the world's best books, plus recommended reading lists.
  • Cooking: Over 40 easy-to-make, tried and tested recipes.
  • History: Comprehensive 80-page overview of world history from ancient Greece to modern times.
  • Crafts: Origami, traditional crafts, knots, kite-making, calligraphy, and sewing.
  • Languages: How to learn a language, ancient or modern.
  • Science: A guide to the best way to study science and technology.
  • Gardening: Instructions for growing over 30 different fruit and vegetables.
  • Mathematics: A clear and concise description of the dos and don'ts of learning mathematics.
  • Advice on careers, exams and qualifications.

Plus cartoons, poems, stories, quotes, proverbs and games.

The UK's top-selling home-education book. 

The mysteries of primary education revealed.

  • Reading: Practical advice on how to make reading enjoyable for children of all reading abilities.
  • Writing: How to teach a child to produce perfect handwriting in a few weeks.
  • Arithmetic: A painless introduction to the world of mathematics.
  • Gardening: Detailed advice on creating and caring for a small vegetable plot.
  • Cooking: Well-balanced, tried and tested recipes for children to follow with their parents.
  • Crafts: Detailed instructions for making high-quality crafts.

'This book is a gem.'
            John Taylor Gatto

'One-to-One is a truly wonderful book'
             Montessori International Magazine

'Inspiring and yet undaunting.'
                            Full Time Mothers

Unqualified Education 
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