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Our philosophy

We believe that the time is overdue for a radical change in the way in which children are educated.

Children are not happy at school and are not learning the things that they will need to know.

Change is starting to happen and is being brought about by parents becoming more directly involved in the education of their children - and in education becoming centered around the home instead of round the school.

Parents in this situation need appropriate teaching materials and we believe that it is right that these should be produced by small, family-run or community-based businesses that share the same goals as themselves.

Who are we?

We are a family of five. We moved to Brittany, France eight years ago in search of a more rural setting in which to bring up our children. We built a house and have a smallholding.

Our professional experience in publishing, combined with the use of new technology, means that we can run a small publishing company from our home. 

This enables us to make high-quality books with short print runs, available at a lower price than would be  possible for a large, commercial company.


What Books do we Publish?
by Gareth Lewis was published in June 2001 and re-printed in February 2003.

Four books of sums for were published in 2002..

The follow-up to One-to-One is due to be released soon - June or July, 2003.



Are we Looking for Material to Publish?
At present, we are fully occupied in producing the above books and are not considering any other new work, but we are happy to discuss constructive collaboration with anyone who shares our goals.

Why a new educational publisher?

Existing text-books do not work outside of a conventional classroom situation.

Books that are designed to meet a school curriculum and prepare children for tests and exams do not appeal to children who are self motivated in their learning.

There is a need for more educational  books that  are interesting in themselves and which do not rely on being tied into the school curriculum for their justification.

Our Guarantee
If you are not happy with any of our books, please return it to us, with receipt of purchase, and we will refund the purchase price.

Lin and Gareth Lewis
Nezert Books

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